3 reasons for a holiday at the Lochemse Berg

Book a stay at Holiday Resort De Lochemse Berg and discover the beautiful surroundings of Lochem with its unique museums, tranquil nature reserves, and nostalgic castles and estates.

1. Nostalgic castles, knights' halls, and castle gardens

In part due to the many castles you will find in the Achterhoek, it seems as if time has frozen. It's as if you've ended up in a painting from 100 years ago.

Some of these castles can be visited, for example Havezate De Cloese at the Berkel, Ampsen Castle and Estate, Vorden Castle or De Wildenborch Castle in Vorden.

2. Beautiful hikes and unique cycling routes

The best way to explore the Achterhoek is either by bike or on foot. This way you will be in the middle of nature and you can truly relax. You will find various cycling and hiking paths scattered throughout the area that lead you along the most beautiful parts of nature and many lovely villages.

The paths are perfectly aligned and the routes are signposted well. For cyclists there is a beautiful castles and estates route that lies west of Lochem. Hikers can enjoy the Gate of Lochem trail, a route that runs along the Berkel river, over the Twickel estate and along the Lochemer Hill.

3. Traditional peasant life

The Achterhoek also has plenty to offer when it comes to the agricultural sector. For example, you can visit several traditional farms where you can once again experience the feeling and smell of the past.

But the farmers are moving forward with the times, so viniculture is an emerging phenomenon in the Achterhoek. The best wines of the Netherlands come from here. And every year there is an increase in Dutch vineyards. Fortunately, you can also visit various wineries such as The Zesspring Joppe Vineyard in Lochem.

Ready to discover Lochem's surroundings?

Then stay in one of our luxury holiday homes and enjoy a relaxing stay at Holiday Resort De Lochemse Berg.

The holiday resort is beautifully situated in the heart of the Gelderland Achterhoek and has luxury lodges. The plots are spacious, green and offer lots of privacy to fully enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty. The resort is located directly by the De Berkel river and on the outskirts of the cozy historic town of Lochem.

Book a unique accommodation that is suitable for 2 to 4 people.


🌳 Is Holiday Resort De Lochemse Berg open all year round?

You are welcome all year round at our holiday resort. Whether you want to come during the summer holidays, the Christmas holidays, or any other holiday, you can always rent a holiday home at Holiday Resort De Lochemse Berg. Which season do you prefer?

🏡 Can I go to De Lochemse Berg for a senior citizen holiday?

At Holiday Resort De Lochemse Berg, you will stay in a comfortable accommodation in a location with lots of peace, space and privacy. Perfect for a senior citizen holiday! The natural environment invites you to many hikes or bike rides.

🧒 Is the holiday resort also suitable for children?

At our holiday resort in the Achterhoek, there are a number of small playgrounds. Furthermore, there are no facilities at De Lochemse Berg so our guests can fully enjoy the tranquility and nature.

🐾 Can I bring my dog to Holiday Resort De Lochemse Berg?

Is your dog something that you can't live without during your holiday? No problem! Simply book a cottage and enjoy your holiday at our holiday resort with your dog. On request you can stay in the Lodge Grand Modern, suitable for 4 people and a maximum of 1 dog.


Our guests rate this accommodation with an average of 8.7.