1. Situated in the natural surroundings of Twente
  2. Small-scale holiday parks
  3. Luxurious and modern holiday homes

Nature cottage in Overijssel

Rest, space, and varied natural surroundings. You’ll find no better location for a relaxed holiday or weekend getaway than a nature cottage in Overijssel. A stay in a holiday cottage in natural surroundings is truly blissful. Get away from crowds and commotion, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, where resting is your only chore. You've come to the right place to rent a nature cottage suited just for you. ’t Schuttenbelt Holiday Center in Enter and Hessenheem Holiday Park in Markelo are two small-scale parks in Twente where you’ll find nature cottages for rent.

The beautiful ‘t Schuttenbelt Holiday Center and Hessenheem Holiday Park are located in forested areas. The park’s flora create an wonderful green outdoor setting for you to enjoy. The detached lodges are suited for 2, 4, or 6 people, are fully equipped, and guarantee outstanding comfort. From the nature cottage and its patio, you’ll have a wonderful view of the park or the woods. Tranquility prevails, and you won’t hear much other than nature sounds. The parks are family friendly and offer several amenities, including an outdoor swimming pool, playgrounds, a tennis court and free Wi-Fi.

Vakantiecentrum 't Schuttenbelt

In the heart of the natural beauty of Twente, you'll find this holiday center, where you can stay at lodges or group accommodations as well.

Vakantiepark Hessenheem

Near the town of Markelo, you'll find Holiday Park Hessenheem, beautifully hidden in a wooded area. The park offers lodges for four to six persons including a spacious garden and terrace.

All amenities at 't Schuttenbelt:

  • Outdoor swimming pool with water slide
  • Outdoor playground
  • Professional entertainment team The Duck Club (peak season)
  • All-weather sports field and tennis court
  • Snack bar
  • Heated sanitary building

All amenities at Hessenheem:

  • Outdoor swimming pool with separate toddler’s pool
  • Tennis courts
  • Bicycle rental
  • Playground and playing field
  • Bistro De Loep
  • Lunch room and snack bar Buuf & Buur

Impression of our nature cottages in Overijssel


Nature cottage in Twente

Nothing beats a morning cup of coffee on the patio of your own nature cottage in Twente, relaxing in natural surroundings. The nature cottages in Twente from BoekUwBuitenhuis are hidded in a densely forested area where calm and relaxation prevail. On the other hand, there are several park amenities you can enjoy, such as an outdoor swimming pool, playgrounds, tennis courts, and free Wi-Fi. Hessenheem Holiday Park also has a bistro and lunch room, as well as a bicycle rental. ’t Schuttenbelt Holiday Center additionally offers entertainment and a sports field.

Stay in a holiday home in the natural surroundings of Enter, at ‘t Schuttenbelt Holiday Center, or in a nature cottage in Markelo at Hessenheem Holiday Park, and you can be sure of a relaxing green holiday. Your nature cottage in Overijssel en Twente also serves as the perfect base for an exploratory trip of the regions rich natural surroundings. Follow one of the many marked hiking or cycling routes through the region, and marvel at the varied landscape of the Twente landscape. Aside from its rich natural landscape, the region also has a wide offer of culture, attractions and sights. A stay in a nature cottage in the varied region of Twente is perfect for young and old.